The Fed is perpetrating a legal-but-soon-to-be-very-painful swindle.

Current Fed Policy. The Fed is perpetrating a legal-but-soon-to-be-very-painful swindle.

by Dick Eastman

Fed wants to unwind (sell off) securitized mortgages on its balance sheet from its present balance sheet of $2.5 trillion in treasuries and $1.8 trillion in mortgage-backed securities. The Fed will begin selling these on the bonds market, which is also the loanable funds market for the real economy in a system where the entire real economy’s money supply is money borrowed at compound interest on the loanable funds market. The Fed euphemism for the higher nominal interest rates that will result is “normalizing the federal funds interest rate” which means raising the rate at which banks lend to banks to keep each other from being caught with less then the legal requirement of reserves to cover their loans outstanding. This is what happens, the Fed dumps its portfolio of securitized-mortgages on the market — the market for interest income if you are on the supply side (supplying money and buying interest income) , the market for loanable funds if you are on the demand side (borrowing money and supplying your IOU promise to pay principal and interest over time.) This increase in supply of interest-paying bonds drains off the money of people seeking to buy an interest stream, drains it so that there is lest loanable-money offered to the business, household and government sectors — and so these sectors must bid higher to get any share of the loanable-funds left over after the Fed’s sale of its securitized-mortgages that it bought from banks when borrowers were crippled by deflation and were moving into default by the millions as deflation of money supply made incomes shrink to the point where household budgets and business budgets, so carefully planned before the deflation, no longer were sufficient to keep up payments. So the Fed’s sale to the people wanting to buy borrowers’ IOU’s will force borrowers in the economy to pay more interest. What is the effect of higher interest? It means that all enterprise undertaken on borrowed money — remember, the entire national money supply is borrowed money — will require a bigger interest tribute to be paid to lenders, which means more drain of money to the economy (more deflation!) from the economy as interest is paid. Notice, that the stream coming in — the loans — is always smaller than the total stream of interest and principal that goes back to the international lenders. This is a monstrous unnecessary burden on everyone earning their income from the real economy (including the income-taxing government). And why is this permitted and how is it justified? Because the goal of the Fed is to fight inflation. Outrageous. Especially when a populist government would be providing a paper money supply for free, as simple necessary infrastructure that government provides the economy as a public utility. And there is something else just as outrageous. The Fed has two goals. To keep up employment whey they interpret as meaning to keep up the Gross Domestic Product. BUT THE DEFLATIONARY POLICY OF THE FED “WINDING DOWN ITS BALANCE SHEET” (DUMPING THE SECURITIZED-MORTGAGES IT BOUGHT FROM BANKS FOLLOWING THE DEFAULT CRISIS WHICH THE FED CAUSED WHEN IT SHRUNK THE MONEY SUPPLY IN QUARTERS LEADING UP TO THE DEFAULT CRISIS OF 2008) — AS I WAS SAYING THE CONSEQUENCE OF THE DUMPING WILL BE TO CUT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY AVAILABLE FOR THE REAL ECONOMY — WHICH OF COURSE WOULD HAVE TO MEAN MORE FIRINGS AND FEWER HIREINGS BY FIRMS WITH FEWER SALES DUE TO LESS MONEY IN CIRCULATION. SO HOW DOES THE FED JUSTIFY IGNORING UNEMPLOYMENT? THEY JUSTIFY IT BY INSISTING THAT THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT AND INCREASE GDP IS NOT FOR THE FED TO STOP THE BOND DUMPING BUT RATHER TO “CUT ENTITLEMENTS” BY WHICH THEY MEAN FOR GOVERNMENT TO DIVERT MONEY FROM THE SICK, THE UNEMPLOYED, EDUCATION, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, VETERANS BENEFITS, FOOD INSPECTION — TO NOT INCREASE THEM WITH THE NEED AND TO SHRINK OR ELIMINATE THEM SO THAT WHAT? THEY WANT GOVERNMENT TO SHRINK ENTITLEMENTS SO THAT MONEY WILL SPEND LESS TIME IN THE REAL ECONOMY LOOP AND MORE TIME IN THE FINANCIAL LOOP, MEANING MORE MONEY FOR BIG FINANCE. DO YOU DOUBT THIS? AS THEY SEE IT, ENTITLEMENTS SUCK UP MONEY THAT COULD BE USED TO ENTICE INTERNATIONAL LENDERS TO LOOK TO AMERICA FOR DOING THEIR USURY. HERE IS WHAT ALAN GREENSPAN SAID JUNE 30TH ON WALL STREET TODAY:

Q: Will fiscal policy move the needle on economic growth, do you think?

Alan Greenspan: If we will get it, is the question. But, uh, you can’t get growth going so long as entitlement expansion is anywhere near where it’s been recently. It’s eating up the sources of investment and the sources of growth and you can’t have it both ways. You can’t cannot fund all of the entitlements everybody wants and expect that you’re going to get out of that a GDP of three percent or more at an annual rate. The arithmetic just doesn’t work.

Q: He he he. Yeah, you’re right and that’s why they are actually trying to slow down the growth of Medicaid involved in this bill right now.

If Greenspan and Yellen were to make all of their decisions on the single criterion, “Will it be good for Jews?,” they could not come up with a more satisfactory solution than dumping securitized-loans from the Fed portfolio and insisting upon further austerity (cuts to entitlements) — for benefiting their tribe and for deepening the debt and stagnation of all the rest of us.

This goes to my FB page and to about two dozen friends by email. What happens to it afterwards is up to you. I never write for payment, only as a citizen.

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To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever said this before — so pay
attention, because it gives you the full picture of how the money power is
capturing possession of all the world. Here it is. I have no way of
spreading the word. — Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington July 15, 2017
a theoretical breakthrough in economics that the common man must learn about
and do something about

by Dick Eastman

We always thought that bankers add to their wealth by the interest they earn
on their loans. We knew they created a deposits for us in exchange for our
obligation to pay back to them afterwards the amount of that loan, plus
interest. Such “lending,” we all understand, is where the economy gets its
money supply. The new deposit gives the economy new purchasing power and
there is that much more money in the economy for people to bid for goods and
services in the market economy. The subsequent payments — “debt servicing”
of course then reduces the amount of purchasing power; the principal goes
back to the bank as a collected receivable, canceling out the liability
created for the bank when they created the deposit for the borrower. BUT
WHAT OF THE INTEREST? Certainly it is the bankers’ primary source of
income, but, and here is the breakthrough discovery, the interest earned is
not the primary way the biggest bankers increase their wealth. Their income
is interest, but their mainstay and reliance is upon, keeping those interest
earnings from returning to the real economy, because when the amount of the
deposit is returned to the banks plus the compound interest — the result on
the entire economy is severe deflation — and when there is deflation, all
of the bonds and idle cash balances (unspent interest earnings) increase in
value — because when there is less money in the economy everything is
cheaper — residential properties forced on the market by homebuyer default,
businesses forced on the market because of fall in consumer demand, public
utilities forced on the market because tax revenues of government are lower
than planned — all due to money destroyed by repayment of principal plus
interest earnings kept from returning to circulation by bankers who gain in
wealth, not from interest earned on their loans, but from deflation caused
by withholding the interest we debtors have paid on loans. The bankers,
don’t want to earn interest, they want to take over the real property —
land and other assets, that working people have created and developed. Do
the bankers really play this game, of get rich through deflation which they
cause by not returning interest to the economy as consumers and investors?
Yes. But what about periods of inflation, when bankers provide easy money
for an economic boom? Yes, bankers do sometimes give the people easy
money — inflation — but those times play a part in the
wealth-by-deflation-windfall. Inflation merely rewinds the machine for
another round of wealth-by-deflation.

The business cycle is caused by this game being played.

1. Easy money to encourage production. But as times are good, everyone
wants to borrow money and the banks choose to increase interest rates —
saying they do so because of inflation — but really they do so because they
need those higher rates to end the boom when they want the boom ended.
Note: If they were really charging competitive interest rates, interest
rates would be lower in a boom because the risk of business failure by the
borrower or job loss or insufficient tax revenue is so much smaller.

2. The banks call in loans and stop issuing loans when they want the
inflationary boom to turn to deflationary hard times — less loans, harder
to get loans, businesses fail or downsize, letting go employees or cutting
wages or hours — less money means fewer sales — and that means budgets are
busted and there are defaults and foreclosures and bankruptcies — and that
is good for the bankers sitting on their unspent interest earnings —
because all of the foreclosed housing units, bankrupted and distressed
businesses and distress sale public utilities come on the market and are
bought up cheap. And when they have harvested with deflation what they
sowed with easy money, they are ready to rewind their mechanism again with
another period of easy money.

The economist Irving Fisher rightly expounded his debt-deflation theory of
economic depressions, but he could not see how the depression got started.
Now you know. It is a game of wealth making through deflation harvesting of
an economy previously built by a boom.

One more feature of the game of wealth through deflation that the big
bankers’ play. How do they hide the monetary contraction so that their game
is not too obvious? By keeping the idle interest income either in domestic
bank deposits — as excess reserves — or held in paper currency — their
held-back money is still counted as part of the M1 Money Supply (cash held
by the public plus deposits) — so it not recognized as lost to the domestic
economy. But since the holders of these balances never transact investment
or consumption purchases with them or re-lend them, the funds are never
transferred and so while they are “money supply” their velocity of
circulation is effectively zero and so they contribute nothing to national
purchases and may as well not exist as far as the domestic real economy is
concerned. But economists don’t measure velocity directly, and so this fact
is unnoticed and not taken into account when wondering where the economic
stagnation in the real economy is coming from.

And that is my theory in its first exposition. I know it is right.

I hope you will share it with others. I hope I live to write a clearer and
more thorough exposition — but I tell you all of the elements are here.
Study it. Think about it. Test it against current economic thinking. You
will see I am right. It will be obvious to you.


Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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Six ways American economics, in government, university, think tank and media is all one big lie.

American economics, in government, university, think tank and media is one seamless lie serving the money power. For example:

1. They say government is printing money which causes inflation, but there is no such greenback money any more. All of our dollars are but federal reserve notes given out if and only if a bank deposit (loan created money) is extinguished from the account of the man making the withdrawal. Such cash very quickly finds itself being reverting back to deposit money as soon as a retailer takes his excess revenue cash to a bank for depositing.

2. They call every price index increase “inflation” when much of it these days is caused by monetary deflation in the real (goods and services) ecnomy and by monopoly power of corporations and landowner rent capture.

3. The respond to of what they call inflation with austerity, with war on household consumption and wages — keeping “money” tight.

4. Only it isn’t money — it is credit — it is bank deposit every dollar quantity of which is co-created with a debt obligation of that amount (principal) plus what is often a much larger amount (compound interest to be paid). True money, which is permanent, and not co-created with even greater anti-money, and can be provided by government to the people for next to nothing (from “thin air,” ex nihilo, by fiat of the political sovereign which should be the People through their elected representatives who truly serves their constituents common interests. But instead the entire money supply is loaned and the people kept on tight money rations.

5. They say interest “rates are low,” and “too low”, but in fact the cost of borrowing in terms of the purchasing power demanded of the co-created debt over the purchasing power gotten at the start. This is because what is reported is the present nominal interest rate — the declared percent of compound interest to be paid — which leaves out two important components, two sources of greater burden — a) deflation’s effect on dollar purchasing power and b) business and income risk in a deflationary economy. When deflation and added business risk in a deflationary economic environment are taken into account, and their “payment” added to nominal interest rates stipulated in the loan contract, the real interest rate is very high. Perhaps 20 percent or more — no one is keeping track of this phenomenon, at least non-secret world of economics. Econometricians don’t exist to cater to the needs of populists and the common man.

6. Economists say that in the market system the consumer is sovereign, when in fact it is the financial sector that today is sovereign over the economy and, in fact and from that, over the entire society. People are debt slaves — more deficit-financing is being done even by consumers than with deposit transfer. A credit card allows people to spend no and incurr the bigger future debt burden without even pausing to write a new loan contract. Consumer debt is in the trillions. And the consumers tax burden goes to paying interest and to war — and what is war? War and weapons-systems build-ups are but the preferred expenditure of the sovereign financiers who leand the money for war at compound interest and whose corporations cater those wars receving the proceeds from the loans. This is so much easier and so much more lucrative for big finance, than trying to find “better mousetraps” or new household appliances to sell the the fickle housewife under a system of consumer sovereignty. And so they lie and they start their wars covertly with false-flag mass murder to get the richest country to take on the countries where the religion forbids usury and seeks to live without a Rothschild Central Reserve Bank.

One could go on with this, but respecting the principle that, in writing, less is more, I will stop here.

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Let’s take them one by one — and on the way you will learn all the tricks of Central Bank theft from the real domestic economy of nations with all-borrowed money supplies and monetary authorities who serve the moneyed interests at the expenses of everyone else.

I. Janet Yellen (Fed Chair 2014-present) In the midst of the present real economy’s deflationary depression, she is increasing the Fed’s discount rate for lending to banks making it more expensive and risky to lend near the limit the reserve requirement permits — final effects fewer loans outstanding (less money in consumers’ hands) and a bigger “outflow” of interest payments to banks which is pure deflation since during deflation, those collecting interest gain from not spending or lending the interest because just sitting idle their bonds and idle money deposits in deflation gain in purchasing power, giving them a windfall as the prices of things they buy (homes put on the market for rental properties, bankrupt businesses, privatized public lands and utilities going on the market.) Yellen and her colleagues are determined to prevent a new president from “making American great again” by further restricting consumer purchasing power through deflation, through tight bank lending of national money supply.

II. Ben Bernanke (Fed Chair 2006 – 2014): This Fed Chairman also served the bond holders and cash balance holders of the world by creating deflation — to the point of letting the M1 money supply (our checking deposits and dollar bills in the public’s hands) actually shrink in quarters prior to the 2008 default crisis which was caused by that shrinkage of buying power, hiring power, tax paying power and, especially, mortgage-paying power of households, businesses and government. He did all of this deflationary damage — but he talked a good talk — about helicopter money being needed — but his strategy and Fed Policy to remedy the deflation crisis

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Items: 1) Five Coming Gold Scams 2) The Devil’s Economic System 3) etc.

Items January 28, 2017


Here are five future scams involving gold and the order in which they will occur unless we escape them by “going populist” and unifying to provide ourselves with national money distributed free to everyone as a basic public utility necessary to operate our market economy.

By Dick Eastman

So they have convinced you to buy gold in this deflation generated middle-class depression, have they? Don’t you know they sell their gold to you because they know the deflation is not going to end because the Money Power is making gigantic gains in wealth from deflation, because they hold the dollars and the bonds that pay in dollars and deflation adds to the purchasing power of each dollar they hold and are owed. But that is not the whole story.

Another reason they convince the impoverished middle class to buy their gold is the recent discoveries of large deposits of gold in locations around the world, including western Washington State. Environmental regulations, in the latter case, prevent the gold from being extracted, but this excuse is spurious because the United States would gain the wealth for exceptional improvements of environmental quality if mining and selling of this gold was accomplished — but first gold must be dumped on the people — by convincing falsely them that dollar hyperinflation is around the corner. A further thought — monetization of gold will increase the value of gold — that is also being held off — not so much because it is a very bad thing for the people, but because monetization would force the revision of those environmental laws holding back the supply of gold. Assuming Rothschild is controlling events there will first be 1st) Rothschild selling gold to the people at current prices, 2nd) then changing or suspending regulations to allow the new unworked rich gold lands to be mined, gold lands which they are are forcing common people to sell to them in this middle class depression, 3rd) then with gold worth so little they will buy back the gold they sold to us paying for it with far less money than they sold it for during the false hyperinflation scare; 5th) gold will be monetized making all production and everyone’s standard of living contingent upon what Rothschild does with gold. Central banks are no longer necessary because Rothschild and the gold system makes the most powerful and perfect “central bank” of all. MAY I RECOMMEND THAT YOU THROW OUT YOUR LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ABOUT HOW GREAT GOLD AND A GOLD-BACKED MONEY SUPPLY IS AND FOCUS INSTEAD ON HOW YOU CAN GET A NATIONAL CURRENCY THAT WE CAN HAVE AT NO COST (DEBT-FREE) SO WE CAN GET ON WITH A LIFE OF HAPPILY INVENTING, PRODUCING, IMPROVING AND INCREASING GOOD THINGS FOR EACH OTHER IN THIS LIFE.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


We hear and participate in endless talk about Shylock Mafia, Communists, Illuminati, CIA, Mossad, and this and that Organized Crime figure being the source of our national troubles, but who studies the “devil’s devices” with a mind to defeat them?

The greatest device arrayed against us the private monopoly control of purchasing power tokens and their lending. A nation can have the best people, the greatest resources, institutions and technology but if their is not enough money to put each other to work building our country then our businesses fail, so that our wonderful undertakings in the mutually beneficial human economy is halted to the detriment of nearly everyone.

The economy has been rigged so that all of our purchasing power is money created by private money lenders.

There is nothing wrong with the money that the lenders create and put at the disposal of borrowers. That money is bank deposit, which once created can go on being transferred from one person’s bank account to another — a perfect money that works very well and with which there is absolutely no problem.

But if the bank deposits created by loans are good money, what then is the problem?

The problem is that each deposit dollar of our all loan-created money supply was co-created with a debt obligation put upon the borrower to return to the lender subsequently the full amount of the loan (principal) plus compound interest. And here is the greatest of the devils’ devices.

The borrower gets the loan and buys the home or pays for the production materials and worker hours he needs producing some good or service for consumers from which he expects handsome compensation. The deposit money created by the loan is quickly transferred to other people and continues to be transferred for the good of society. But then starts the monthly payments on the debt, month after month — until the amount of loan deposit drained away from circulation equals the amount of loan deposit but the draining of purchasing power keeps on going because both principal and interest have not yet been paid.

Soon more purchasing power has been “paid back” (drained away) to the lender than was contributed by the original loan.

The original loan added to the total purchasing power of the domestic real economy and so was a very good thing. But the payments of principal plus interest are a relentless drain, taking back the purchasing power given and then taking even more.

In other words, each instance of creation of new deposit money by a loan and the subsequent payments back to the lender of principal plus interest — starts with inflation stimulus to human productive activity, then the money added is slowly subtracted from until reflation turns to deflation and there ends up even more money drained out of our economy than was originally put in.

This end result of every instance of get-the-loan-and-then-start-losing-the-principal-and-interest is that all of us end up with more debt than money existing to pay the debt. That is why there is so much default and bankruptcy and so much transfer of the wealth of the producing people to the idle lender. And what is the fix that the devil offers us?

The devil’s solution is to take out more loans, that is if you are still credit worthy — that is if you still have collateral to pledge — equity in your house, the factory or other business you have built up.

And that devil’s solution of borrowing more money to fix the harm done by deflation that was caused by borrowing our money supply applies to governments too. When the nation is in a deflationary depression from interest drain, the solution offered by the devil is government spending, or rather deficit-financed goverment spending. The President and Congress that borrow and spend up front become heroes — the president and Congress who inherit the debt are stuck with either allowing deflation to cut into our standard of living in public goods and services — called austerity and, sometimes, sequestration — which squeezes more “savings” from government so that the big lenders are willing to continue lending.

Having seen the devil’s device — people ignore it, because they can’t imagine any other system than the system they were born into. They accept it all as God ordained, as the mechanism of the best of all possible worlds, as the wonderful free enterprise system — except that the system actually is none of those things. The all-loaned national money supply is a curse and not a blessing (as Alexander Hamilton called it) and it is not inescapable.

All that is needed to end the all-borrowed money supply is that people understand what has already been said above and that they find a simple alternative that they can easily understand, that solves the problem and that is easy to set up, transition to and operate.

So what is the simple and easy to effect answer?

The answer is national money that is simply decreed into existance by government with no debt being co-created with it. In two words the solution is permanent money.

Permanent money is very simple. In the USA Congress would create a money unit — name it what you will — how about the dollar? Congress then declares this dollar to be legal tender, legal for all debts including taxes. That makes it money. People will us it to buy and hire immediately with no more having to be done. The goverment creates this money at no cost. Out of “thin air”.

And since it costs nothing — the government can make it without becoming further in debt to international lenders — the government can distribute this new money supply directly to the people so they can spend it into circulation themselves. More money is added without adding more (and greater) debt obligation on anyone, without paying tribute to the devils who contribute nothing for the interest they are now getting on the money supply their loans are now creating.

When the government provides such Permanent Money — in the US we call this kind of money “greenbacks” versus money that is created by a loan or a deposit of newly mined gold or gold from Rothschild vaults loaned by Rothschild etc.

When the money supply comes free and clear to households so that the consumer can spend his new-money dividend into circulation with no one being burdened with even a penny of extra debt – then the country will be free from the biggest problem deviling it. Businesses will not have big debt burdens so they will be able to keep what they earn — so they can expand or do research with their earnings.

Right now every prices you pay for goods and services or in taxes — 40 percent of that price is because of interest burden that need not be there is we change from the all-borrowed money supply to the government created permanent money supply that is made to originate in the hands of the consumer.

To defeat the devil, know his devices and devise an alternative to it.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

I have the above articles up on wordpress:

And linked to this tweet:

To hear reading of The Bankers’ Conspiracy by Arthur Kitson
Or read it youself.


Also the five forgotten financial scams connected to the American Civil War and how the set the course of the nation for decline of the people and the rise of the Moneyed Oligarchy. Read by Dick Eastman

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Corporations became destined to take over all government when the British House of Lords failed to convict Warren Hastings for the crimes he committed for the East India Company.

At what point to the multi-national corporation take over parliament?

The Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system. Know its history.
The subject merits careful attention.

The current horror that obtains in Iraq and Syria and Libya and Afghanistan are only the latest variations of what began in the 18th century in India. I had no understanding at all of what imperialism really is — it corrupting influence the the perpetrator as well as the victim state — until I found Burke’s impeachment of Warren Hastings. I knew there was no chance I could get people to read it — so I made this recording — a forbidding 5 hour speech — but the message is worth amore than hundred hours of valuable time to the man who wants to bring us out of the present hell and into a better world.


Reading of Edmund Burke’s imnpeachment of Warren Hastings 5 hrs. by Dick Eastman

Text here.


The greatest moral and political battle for good government and the rule of law was led by two Irishmen in the British Parliament over the great crimes of the the East India Company — the first and most terrible of all multinational corporations. Evil won. Edmond Burke and Charles James Fox in the House of Commons made the perfect case against the Company and its governor general and their crimes against humanity committed in India. But a third of the membership of the House of Lords died during the trial and only 23 Lords were permitted to render a judgement in the case. To the ever lasting disgrace of Parliament and Crown the Lords succumbed to intimidation probably augmented by murder of those of higher principle and found Warren Hastings innocent on all counts. Today the Biritsh aristocracy continues with the poison of evil it never contolled — with the crimes of the Opium Wars, the crushing of the taiping Christian Republic in China (with as many dead as were killed in World War One), the world wars for corporate profit and the treachery and atrocity of the September 11, 2001 false-flag attacks and the great bloody war against innocent Islam that the deception provoked. Edmund Burke contended for justice, truth and compassion against corruption and every intelligent person of good will who opposes the continuation of the very same evil into the 21st century needs to know how good men argued the case for right — because the case needs to be reopened and brought up to date, yet again for the sake of suffering mankind.

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Free Everyone How to replace the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system with a populist usury-free economy.

How to replace the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system with a populist usury-free economy.

I recorded this alone with no script, with only the intention to say what I would say as if suddenly with no preparation I was given but one opportunity advise everyone in the world on what to do to free themselves from the greatest problem afflicting us..

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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