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Items January 28, 2017


Here are five future scams involving gold and the order in which they will occur unless we escape them by “going populist” and unifying to provide ourselves with national money distributed free to everyone as a basic public utility necessary to operate our market economy.

By Dick Eastman

So they have convinced you to buy gold in this deflation generated middle-class depression, have they? Don’t you know they sell their gold to you because they know the deflation is not going to end because the Money Power is making gigantic gains in wealth from deflation, because they hold the dollars and the bonds that pay in dollars and deflation adds to the purchasing power of each dollar they hold and are owed. But that is not the whole story.

Another reason they convince the impoverished middle class to buy their gold is the recent discoveries of large deposits of gold in locations around the world, including western Washington State. Environmental regulations, in the latter case, prevent the gold from being extracted, but this excuse is spurious because the United States would gain the wealth for exceptional improvements of environmental quality if mining and selling of this gold was accomplished — but first gold must be dumped on the people — by convincing falsely them that dollar hyperinflation is around the corner. A further thought — monetization of gold will increase the value of gold — that is also being held off — not so much because it is a very bad thing for the people, but because monetization would force the revision of those environmental laws holding back the supply of gold. Assuming Rothschild is controlling events there will first be 1st) Rothschild selling gold to the people at current prices, 2nd) then changing or suspending regulations to allow the new unworked rich gold lands to be mined, gold lands which they are are forcing common people to sell to them in this middle class depression, 3rd) then with gold worth so little they will buy back the gold they sold to us paying for it with far less money than they sold it for during the false hyperinflation scare; 5th) gold will be monetized making all production and everyone’s standard of living contingent upon what Rothschild does with gold. Central banks are no longer necessary because Rothschild and the gold system makes the most powerful and perfect “central bank” of all. MAY I RECOMMEND THAT YOU THROW OUT YOUR LIBERTARIAN IDEAS ABOUT HOW GREAT GOLD AND A GOLD-BACKED MONEY SUPPLY IS AND FOCUS INSTEAD ON HOW YOU CAN GET A NATIONAL CURRENCY THAT WE CAN HAVE AT NO COST (DEBT-FREE) SO WE CAN GET ON WITH A LIFE OF HAPPILY INVENTING, PRODUCING, IMPROVING AND INCREASING GOOD THINGS FOR EACH OTHER IN THIS LIFE.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


We hear and participate in endless talk about Shylock Mafia, Communists, Illuminati, CIA, Mossad, and this and that Organized Crime figure being the source of our national troubles, but who studies the “devil’s devices” with a mind to defeat them?

The greatest device arrayed against us the private monopoly control of purchasing power tokens and their lending. A nation can have the best people, the greatest resources, institutions and technology but if their is not enough money to put each other to work building our country then our businesses fail, so that our wonderful undertakings in the mutually beneficial human economy is halted to the detriment of nearly everyone.

The economy has been rigged so that all of our purchasing power is money created by private money lenders.

There is nothing wrong with the money that the lenders create and put at the disposal of borrowers. That money is bank deposit, which once created can go on being transferred from one person’s bank account to another — a perfect money that works very well and with which there is absolutely no problem.

But if the bank deposits created by loans are good money, what then is the problem?

The problem is that each deposit dollar of our all loan-created money supply was co-created with a debt obligation put upon the borrower to return to the lender subsequently the full amount of the loan (principal) plus compound interest. And here is the greatest of the devils’ devices.

The borrower gets the loan and buys the home or pays for the production materials and worker hours he needs producing some good or service for consumers from which he expects handsome compensation. The deposit money created by the loan is quickly transferred to other people and continues to be transferred for the good of society. But then starts the monthly payments on the debt, month after month — until the amount of loan deposit drained away from circulation equals the amount of loan deposit but the draining of purchasing power keeps on going because both principal and interest have not yet been paid.

Soon more purchasing power has been “paid back” (drained away) to the lender than was contributed by the original loan.

The original loan added to the total purchasing power of the domestic real economy and so was a very good thing. But the payments of principal plus interest are a relentless drain, taking back the purchasing power given and then taking even more.

In other words, each instance of creation of new deposit money by a loan and the subsequent payments back to the lender of principal plus interest — starts with inflation stimulus to human productive activity, then the money added is slowly subtracted from until reflation turns to deflation and there ends up even more money drained out of our economy than was originally put in.

This end result of every instance of get-the-loan-and-then-start-losing-the-principal-and-interest is that all of us end up with more debt than money existing to pay the debt. That is why there is so much default and bankruptcy and so much transfer of the wealth of the producing people to the idle lender. And what is the fix that the devil offers us?

The devil’s solution is to take out more loans, that is if you are still credit worthy — that is if you still have collateral to pledge — equity in your house, the factory or other business you have built up.

And that devil’s solution of borrowing more money to fix the harm done by deflation that was caused by borrowing our money supply applies to governments too. When the nation is in a deflationary depression from interest drain, the solution offered by the devil is government spending, or rather deficit-financed goverment spending. The President and Congress that borrow and spend up front become heroes — the president and Congress who inherit the debt are stuck with either allowing deflation to cut into our standard of living in public goods and services — called austerity and, sometimes, sequestration — which squeezes more “savings” from government so that the big lenders are willing to continue lending.

Having seen the devil’s device — people ignore it, because they can’t imagine any other system than the system they were born into. They accept it all as God ordained, as the mechanism of the best of all possible worlds, as the wonderful free enterprise system — except that the system actually is none of those things. The all-loaned national money supply is a curse and not a blessing (as Alexander Hamilton called it) and it is not inescapable.

All that is needed to end the all-borrowed money supply is that people understand what has already been said above and that they find a simple alternative that they can easily understand, that solves the problem and that is easy to set up, transition to and operate.

So what is the simple and easy to effect answer?

The answer is national money that is simply decreed into existance by government with no debt being co-created with it. In two words the solution is permanent money.

Permanent money is very simple. In the USA Congress would create a money unit — name it what you will — how about the dollar? Congress then declares this dollar to be legal tender, legal for all debts including taxes. That makes it money. People will us it to buy and hire immediately with no more having to be done. The goverment creates this money at no cost. Out of “thin air”.

And since it costs nothing — the government can make it without becoming further in debt to international lenders — the government can distribute this new money supply directly to the people so they can spend it into circulation themselves. More money is added without adding more (and greater) debt obligation on anyone, without paying tribute to the devils who contribute nothing for the interest they are now getting on the money supply their loans are now creating.

When the government provides such Permanent Money — in the US we call this kind of money “greenbacks” versus money that is created by a loan or a deposit of newly mined gold or gold from Rothschild vaults loaned by Rothschild etc.

When the money supply comes free and clear to households so that the consumer can spend his new-money dividend into circulation with no one being burdened with even a penny of extra debt – then the country will be free from the biggest problem deviling it. Businesses will not have big debt burdens so they will be able to keep what they earn — so they can expand or do research with their earnings.

Right now every prices you pay for goods and services or in taxes — 40 percent of that price is because of interest burden that need not be there is we change from the all-borrowed money supply to the government created permanent money supply that is made to originate in the hands of the consumer.

To defeat the devil, know his devices and devise an alternative to it.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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Also the five forgotten financial scams connected to the American Civil War and how the set the course of the nation for decline of the people and the rise of the Moneyed Oligarchy. Read by Dick Eastman


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