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Repudiation and Social Credit must be done together.

  If all the 17 trillion were owed to me, Dick Eastman, you would want everyone to repudiate that debt, wouldn’t you?  What’s so special about Rothschild that you will sacrifice your country, your business, your home, your job and … Continue reading

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American Social Credit

Answering the most important question a 21st-Century nation can ask Q: What is the core knowledge the world must have to overthrow debt slavery and chronic economic depressions and such extreme redistributions of wealth to financiers, speculators and monopoly corporations? … Continue reading

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Deflation is the problem, not inflation; Social Credit is the answer, not gold.

“Calling investment a bubble is simply a rhetorical trick to place the blame of recession and depression on the investment and not on the deflationary interest and principal  payments that exceed the amount of the loan and really the cause the … Continue reading

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