Meteoengineering Demonstrated

Dick Eastman

The high pressure off the West Coast is responsible for California’s drought. The high pressure region is 2,000 miles long and four miles high. This obstacle of dense air that is continuously being renewed blocks and redirects parcels of moist air that normally would have brought rain to the US Pacific coast.

The high pressure domes to not break down because the land and sea under them are not sufficiently warming the air near the ground to cause its expansion and lifting.

Warm air expands and, as when air is heated inside a hot-air balloon, the less dense air rises, creating a low pressure area below, which sucks air into the region and lifts it. This is exactly what is not happening off the California coast. The sea surface temperature is not being warmed as it is under normal conditions. Staying cold, the surface does not warm the air and there is less expansion, that is, the air pressure continues high.

What is causing this artificially seeded cloud that blocks the suns rays, preventing their radient energy from warming the earths surface which is the cause of “convection” in the atmosphere, that circulates air and moisture through the atmosphere. (Convection is simply the heating of air by warm ground thereby causing expansion as the energy of the molecules in the atmosphere as they collide with each other to push each other further apart so that the average distance between them is greater — making that volume of air lighter in weight because it is less dense in molecules.

The seeded cloud — not seeding for rain, but seeding for cloud cover that blocks the warming rays of the sun affecting land and sea surface temperatures so that a less warm surface will not warm the air directly above it as it would have otherwise — thuse there is less expansion of air — the air is denser — more air molecules per volume than otherwise — thus higher air pressure than otherwise — thus giving those engaged in these weather redirection operations the ability to divert moving weather systems since air parcels move away from high pressure areas.

All winds result from differences from place to place in air pressure exactly because of the uneven absorption of solar radiation by land and sea surfaces. “Chemtrailed cloud screen cooling the surface lower than otherwise causes that region to have higher pressure than otherwise pressure relative to surrounding areas.

The difference in pressure causes movement of air parcels. Air parcels are moved whether they are warm air, cold air, wet air, dry air or a parcel of rotating air.

Hot air can be moved to or kept in places where they will grow hotter and dryer — and then can be moved to another location causing a hot dry conditions there. The force for doing this moving comes from difference in pressure between neighboring regions over which the parcels of air move– called pressure gradient force.

If you feel wind to your back in the Northern Hemisphere that always means that the air to your right has higher pressure than the air to your left.

Air tumbles out of a high pressure area in a clockwise direction (as seen looking down on the map) so the high pressure to your right is his hitting your back at “nine-oclock” as the wind comes around to you from “6 o’clock” — and the low pressure on your left is taking the air up like a cyclone and air coming into it to be lifted comes to you who are standing at it’s 3 o’clock position with the air sucking into the low counterclockwise from the low’s “6 o’clock position. This rule of high pressure on your right, low pressure on your left and wind necessarily blowing on your back has a name. It is called Buy Ballot’s Law. — Chemtrail creates high pressure clocks — and thereby can move air


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