TO ALL GREEKS — Time for Bold Action — the EUB and EU are out to kill you with money sanctions in order to regain total debt-slave submission — here is how you will beat them

Message July 6, 2015 Yakima, Washington

TO ALL GREEKS — Time for Bold Action — the EUB and EU are out to kill YOU with money sanctions in order to regain slavish debtor submission — here is how you will beat them

The Greek people voted against austerity and the debt structure the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Greece’s International Creditors and the European Union governments were imposing. In retaliation these interests have inflicted upon Greece a policy of near total deflation, allowing only bare subsistence incomes at present prices and availability of goods foreign and domestic, prices which of course will not remain obtainable as producers no longer have the revenue to pay employees or to order new factor inputs. Make no mistake, Global Finance has declared total war against the people of Greece and the weapon they are using is as terrible and sure a mass killer and destroyer as any you can name outside of all out bombing of cities and villages. The Greeks must face this fact, maintain their resolve not to give in and, most important, respond with force that simultaneously will be a sufficiently aversive counter response that will make the EU aristocracy sorry that it chose to resort the economic terrorism of money sanctions yet also completely just and measured in the eyes of the world as an appropriate response to what the EUB and EU governments in the service of global creditors have done.

Here is what Greeks must do — with the Tisparis government or a better one:

1. To alleviate the immediate cash shortage in the household and business sectors, declare, in this national emergency, that all mortage payments, business loan payments to lending banks or international lenders be suspended for the duration of the crisis. And as part of that move the payments that are suspended will be either delayed with no additional interest or they will be payments that are forgiven and forgotten in they eyes of the Greek government depending on the duration of the money sanctions against Greeks.

2. The government will, for the duration of this emergency (and perhaps permanently), stop taxing the people in Euros but will begin taxing the people with a money-like device called a “tax-payment coupon” or more precisely “a negotiable tax-paying coupon”. These coupons will resemble money and will have the value of one Euro in the payment of taxes according to the already existing tax rate that is already denominated in Euros. The government will allow these coupons — which will be called “Apollos” after the well known figure of ancient Greek beliefs. The government will provide to every citizen on their tax rolls an amount of the Apollo which people can spend into circulation exactly as they would a dividend of Euros that they had received. The government during the emergency will allow the Apollo the status of “legal tender” — which Greeks may spend at stores or in their transactions with each other — and to their employees and churches and charities. This substitute money, this negotiable (spendable, transferable) Apollo Coupon, will circulate freely and, because all Greeks will accept it because it allows them to buy things and to pay taxes, even dealers in foreign goods will accept them, because they can be used to buy Greek goods for which foreigners still have demand.

3. Greeks must propose to Iran and Russia that these countries send their own currencies to Greece for free circulation as the international money of Greece. Iceland may also wish to join in such arrangements with Greece.

Through these devices, especially through introduction of the Apollo Coupon, the Greek economy will be able to continue its market system.

Let it be understood by all that the EUB and the EU governments are attempting to inflict mass privation, even death on large numbers of the Greek population through deflation. By doing this they have forfeited all right to consideration of prior contract. They have imposed a system on Greece –their money bought the media and the salesmen who sold the EU system and their money bought the legislators and bankers who set it up and made the decisions. Now that the system has hurt the Greeks they are now awake and paying attention and are ready to take back control of their own country and its systems of money and lending. It is a matter of survival now that they do so.

No one in the present Greek govenment is thinking like this — but the Greek people are thinking like this. They understand what is at stake. They now feel the pinch of hunger and fear from an economy intentionally ground to a halt by international finance because international finance has been frustrated in its plan for the continued plundering of Greece and the debt slavery of almost all Greeks.

And these measures, the suspension of all debt payments to banks, the providing of the Apollo coupon that is declared legal tender throughout the emergency, that can be used to pay taxes and that is completely negotiable so that hiring and food buying and rent paying can continue.

The odds are that the the EUB and the other EU governments will not consent to revision of their system to the satisfaction of Greek debtors. That will only mean that the swindlers are not willing to undo their swindle and launch more honest understandings. In that case, Greece will be free to repudiate all debts to international lenders — on the grounds that the contracts were entered into were fraudulent, that the impoverishment of Greece, the transfer of Greek wealth to international bankers and investors was the heart of the EU plan. That is legal justification for repudiation of all such debt.

When any one loans money it must always be at the lenders risk. The lender was an equal member of the contract and it was his duty as well as the borrowers to make sure that the venture being undertaken was a viable one — that there was a reasonable chance that the borrower could use the money to create goods profitable so that repayment could be made. But of course the fraud of the system was that the only money allowed was the EU and all EUs were borrowed into existence so that every euro of loan was co-created with a debt of principal equal to one euro and interest payments over time that often total more than a euro


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