1) Dzhokhar Innocent from the Evidence – but no defense of innocence on that basis is being offered 2) John Remington Graham: “LEGAL OPINION ON THE PROSECUTION AGAINST DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV”

Judge O’Toole was appointed by Bill Clinton and he personally picked the pool from which prosecution and defense exercised voir dire. The public defenders may has well been picked by the prosecution – because they not challenging even the most obviously false assertions. How could Dzhokhar Tsarnaev plant a black backpack containing a weapon of mass destruction, as the indictment states, if he only had a white backpack with him as the prosecution’s evidence photos show?

Innocent The best evidence and defense arguments are not being presented by the defense. They are allowing the Prosecution to make what everyone knows is a false charges contradicting crucial facts the evidence clearly establishes. https://vimeo.com/123274659

Judy Clarke, — opinion (JRG, March 25, 2015)-1.pdf


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Born 1949 Oakland High School 1967 Lake Forest College B.A. Western Michigan M.A. Texas A & M University M.S. and two years completed in the doctoral program in economics, passing prelims in Macroeconomics I am living in Yakima, Washington and spend much of my retirement writing on public issues.
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