We can expose the Boston Marathon Bombing Frame-up and Save an Innocent Young Man’s Life while exposing ruling elite organized crime false-flags

In the following video link there is sufficient evidence to clear Dzhokhar Tsaranev of the Federal Prosecutor’s charge that he planted the second bomb at the Boston marathon. The evidence is conclusive to the point that it exposes the deliberate attempt to frame Dzhokhar.

There is nothing more imporant for a citizen to do right now than to verify this and inform others so that public opinion can be decisively turned against corruption.

They are going to kill an innocent man unless people know his backpack was white while the bomb backpack pack was black — expose this systematic falsehood and it proves 1) Dzhokhar was framed 2) whoever did the Marathon bombing event — phony or not — is at large and had lots of accomplices 3) the judicial system is politicized and is being used to support false-flag terrorism, political frameups, the killing (by death sentence) of innocent people.

Have you shared the link? Have you added your statement that something must be done to save this innocent young frame-up victim and expose this pitch-black corruption?

The video below is all America needs to expose the total corruption that was behind the Boston Marathon false-flag frame-up.

It carries ample proof to change the national landscape forever if enough people see it. An innocent man’s life is at stake. Honest Federal justice is ultimately the people’s responsibility.

Forward Ho!

Dick Eastman
223 S. 64th Ave
Yakima, Washington

Every man is repsponsible to every other man.

From: Economy Rant
To: Dick Eastman <oldickeastman@q.com>
Sent: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:12:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: Tamerlan Innocent as this video conclusively proves — but the public defender is not even trying to prove innocence

no one was hurt or killed at the Boston Non-bombing.

a total hoax by the DHS.

On Sun, Jan 11, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Dick Eastman <oldickeastman> wrote:

Video: Dzhokhar Tamerlan Innocent Defense Excluding and Avoiding the Conclusive “Backpack” Evidence http://youtu.be/F3aeQT8SYL0


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Born 1949 Oakland High School 1967 Lake Forest College B.A. Western Michigan M.A. Texas A & M University M.S. and two years completed in the doctoral program in economics, passing prelims in Macroeconomics I am living in Yakima, Washington and spend much of my retirement writing on public issues.
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